Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety

Disclaimer: This post does not pertain to severe or diagnosed anxiety and anyone who has symptoms of mental illness should seek medical attention.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE the new feature allowing us to utilize polls. I was immediately intrigued, thinking about ways to use it that would help me get a deeper sense of who people really are, different preferences, what they struggle with, and what opinions they might hold. I started out asking surface level questions like “Gymshark or Alphalete?” but have progressed to questions like today’s: “Do you deal with anxiety on a daily or weekly basis?” Although it is still up for votes, we’re currently at 32 votes for “yes” and a whopping 3 votes for “no.” MIND BLOWN.

It seems like there are always a million and one things to get done and never enough time; by the time I get off of work, I have to get groceries, then I have three homework assignments, and after that I have to go pick up my sister from the airport, go home and walk my dog then prep my stuff for an early day, again. How many of us are working a full time job while trying to build a lifetime career (job: that thing that pay’s the bills, career: fueled by passion and purpose)? Then there’s financial stress: I just paid my pet’s vet bill, and all of a sudden I have to replace three of my tires? Or how about trying to prioritize health and fitness while working, going to school and maintaining a social life? I can go on & on, but plain and simple: life. is. hard. And that’s okay.

Anxiety can hit people differently. For me, the severity ranges. I have good and bad days. It’s often restless nights when I feel mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted but sleep just won’t come. Other times, it’s a tightness in my chest that lingers throughout the day, making it difficult to get tasks done or devote my full attention to anyone. Whatever it is for you, it’s probably something similar for someone else.

There are a few of the things that help me when dealing with anxiety:

1. Go outside. Sit outside and meditate for a few minutes before getting ready in the morning, take a breather during work, eat lunch outside, take your dog for a walk after work- whatever you can do. Just breathe, take in your surroundings and notice how the world is so chaotic and unpredictable, yet beautiful and full of life. Observe the people who pass and let yourself imagine what they are going to do today. Just be…

2. Write. Grab a pen and a few pieces of paper, get comfortable and just let yourself word vomit all over that paper. Don’t pay attention to your hand writing. DO NOT filter anything out. Just let it all out. Write or scribble until there’s nothing in your thoughts left to write out. Then, throw it away. Rip it. Burn it. Put it in the garbage disposal. Wipe your ass with it. Idk. Idc. Bye.

3. Read. This one might not appeal to everyone, but there’s something about escaping your world and exploring another’s for a little that is so therapeutic.

4. Sweat. Go for a run, do an at-home circuit, or lift heavy weights. If you’re feeling tired, sit in the sauna for a bit.

5. Prioritize self care. Take a bubble bath and light a candle. Put a hair conditioner in. Try out a face mask. Get a massage/manicure/pedicure if you can afford it. Watch your favorite TV show. Drink a bottle of wine. Or a glass. If you like beer, go for that. Your call. Pull your adult toy out and have independent-grown-woman fun (guys, you do your version).

6. Be kind to yourself. I know you’ve heard the saying “you are you’re own worst critic.” We judge ourselves so harshly based off of our own expectations, where we think we should be and where we are in comparison to other people. Why, though? It creates so much unnecessary pressure. Give yourself some credit for a change. Do you talk to yourself the way you want someone to talk to your child, sibling, or best friend? Forgive yourself and be patient with yourself when you’re not perfect. We are human.

Lastly, remember that you’re never alone. We’re all going through this crazy thing called life and none of us have it all figured out, despite looking like we do. Life get’s stressful. We learn, we grow, we adapt, and we persevere. It’s not always about focusing on the big picture, maybe for now it’s about focusing on the smaller picture.

I hope this helped you. If you try one of these out and it works, let me know. And if you have your own strategies, please share 🙂

We’re in this together.

Xx, Sami

2 thoughts on “Strategies for Dealing with Anxiety

  1. Love this post!! It’s so real and very true! I practice several of these and I think Self care is the best Too! As we can find ourselves putting others first and not leaving time for ourselves!! #love this post!!


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