Barbell Only HIIT Circuit

Limited time? Limited gym equipment? Newbie in the gym?

I’ve got you covered. This HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit is going to have you dying… in a good way.

All you need is ONE barbell and about 5 feet x 5 feet of space to yourself. And some energy. Here we go:

  1. Barbell back squat
  2. Barbell bicep curl
  3. Barbell romanian deadlift to barbell front raise
  4. Barbell overhead tricep press
  5. Barbell OHP (overhead press)
  6. Barbell forward lunge
  7. Barbell bent over row

= 1 ROUND.

Perform each exercise either for:

a) 15-25 repetitions, depending on how challenging it is.


b) 30-45 seconds.

Do not take any breaks in between exercises! Complete all exercises and at the completion of each full round, you may take a 1-3 minute break. TIME IT! If you don’t, I guarantee you’ll take between 5-10 minutes without even realizing it. You should be about 85% recovered before you start the next round. Perform 3-5 rounds total.

If you try this circuit out, PLEASE let me know & give me your feedback. I’m still going to publish fitness things, but it helps me gauge the best content to create when I know what you guys prefer.


Xx, Sami

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