Dear Friend, Listen Closely

I have a friend.

She is unstoppable. She is beautiful; her beauty radiates from the inside, and her outer beauty, though impressive, has nothing to do with it. She is capable of accomplishing great things, and yet she doubts herself so deeply and so often that she remains trapped in a mediocre life. Any risk that she would dare to take would inevitably lead her to greatness, and if not then it would force her to grow, evolve and become even better. She loves, and when she loves, it is so powerful that it can elate both parties, but sometimes she doesn’t say what’s on her mind and it causes roadblocks to appear out of nowhere. She loves freely and unequivocally, but she can’t love herself enough to let the same type of love back in. Therefore, she suffers. She see’s others and she always see’s the best in them. She see’s people for their potential and lessens their weaknesses so that what stands out is only their good qualities. She doesn’t see other women and pick them apart as she does herself, yet somehow in her mind, everyone is noticing the small “flaws” she found on herself this morning. She is accepting of almost everyone, except of herself that is. She forgives easily and doesn’t brood on the mistakes of those she loves, and yet when she messes up, even in the slightest, she puts herself into a place of no mercy. She wouldn’t dare think the things she thinks about herself, about anyone else. When others meet her, they feel her light, they can sense that she is someone remarkable, they know she has been blessed by God. When she see’s herself, she doesn’t see that. We all want her to WAKE UP to the hot coffee. GIRL, you need to look in the mirror. See your wonderful body that has allowed you to do SO much, already! Look into your soul, look into your heart, and see what God has done. It’s about time you start appreciating yourself, loving yourself, taking care of yourself, going after what you want! Stop letting fear consume you. Open your eyes and go after those goals with unstoppable confidence, resilience that you know you’ll need, relentless determination, and the passion that you keep buried inside. Love yourself like you love everyone else. Forgive yourself without hesitation and give yourself some credit for all those times you almost didn’t make it but you did, for the times you thought you were making the right decision but you weren’t, for the conscious and unconscious mistakes you made, and even for this time, right now, when you realize how badly you’ve treated yourself. Baby girl, be you. Let love in.

The name of that friend? You.

These are the 3 limiting beliefs that we all struggle with in life:

“I’m not enough.”

“I’m too different.”

“I really want something but I can’t have it.”


You are enough. 

We are all different. You are not too much of anything.

You can have whatever you want so long as you’re willing to work for it.

Xx, Sami

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