Hi, I’m Sami

To begin, I absolutely never know where to begin on these things. The basics, I suppose? Well for starters, disclaimer: I’m not your typical 25-year-old coffee-addict.

I’ve served in the Army as a Medic for over 6 years now, but my true passions are writing, traveling, functional fitness, photography, and anything that allows me to serve others. I love Jesus, first and foremost, along with finding the best food in every place I visit, chilling at vibe-y coffee shops, getting as #zen as possible through yoga, journaling and meditation, engaging in sometimes uncomfortably deep conversations (possibly over a glass or 3 of wine) with my friends, reading books that I know are definitely going to keep me up at night like a scaredy cat, and really anything that pushes me towards personal growth.

I’m driven by my purpose, which I prefaced already- can you guess it? I whole-heartedly believe, and have since I was very young, that my purpose is to love and serve others. I want everything in my life to circle back to that purpose, because when I live this way, I am fulfilled.

If you’ve come to my website for blog purposes, you’ll find that my writing reflects my passions, hobbies, interests and sometimes occasional random thoughts which turned into short essays.

You have my sincere gratitude for simply choosing to visit my site, whether you read a blog, hire me for your photo shoot, or do nothing but close the page and move on. So, thanks for being here and I hope you stay a while.

Xx, Sami

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