My First Home

I purchased my first home right after I had just turned 22. I’d been in this new city (Orlando) for barely 6 months before making the decision to invest in a home, and it was always intended to be that: an investment home. Little did I know that I wasn’t just investing in future financial peace, but more importantly I was investing in myself. I was investing in my ability to love, to heal, to grow. I was investing in my relationships, and the ones that hadn’t yet come into my life yet. I was investing in my spirituality, my journey with God, and my capacity for the power of faith. And so, so much more.

When I first met my realtor, a Puerto Rican woman with purple hair and a personality just as vibrant, if not more, I’ll admit that I had my doubts about the entire process. I’m a skeptic (I prefer to label myself a realist but definitely on the skeptical side when it comes to big decisions), so I questioned her at every corner and kept my guard up for a fairly good amount of time. I had no idea at the time that I would see her as one of the greatest blessings this journey has brought.

The process took 6 months, which included everything from picking the home details to the ground construction (visiting the lot every other week as it progressed), to the closing date. In all honestly, it was a lot more than I could have ever imagined as a first time home buyer. For example, all the additional costs that get added up along with the monthly mortgage (lawn services, exterminators, you name it) or the amount of money and time it takes to fully furnish a 4 bedroom house.

This house was the FIRST, I repeat, FIRST, house that I have ever lived in. Growing up in a low income household, I lived in a trailer home, a mobile home, a duplex, a townhome, multiple apartments, but never a home to call my own. In addition to that, I had never known stability. I’d moved every year for so long, and sometimes 2-3 times in one year. Upon joining the military, it was no different. I continued to move but then it became from city to city, state to state, country to country.

After those 22 years of chaos, this was more special to me than you or anyone else could ever know. It was sanctuary. It was peace. It was love. It was home.

Some of my most beloved memories include watching my daughter (Nina) sprint around the yard and through the house like a little crazy babe, spending the entire weekend home and enjoying every moment, throwing parties and making memories with some of the greatest friends I’ll ever know.

Today was closing day, as the home now belongs to another couples who I pray will fill its walls with love and laughter, and continue to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Bittersweet is not a strong enough word to describe the emotions that I feel today, because really, I feel all of them. And I welcome them, because these emotions deserve to be felt, deeply and entirely. This chapter of my life has profoundly impacted the woman I am today and will continue working to become.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that He has a plan for me as I begin a new chapter in my life, and I look forward to trying every day to be a vessel of Christ as I walk through this next journey.

Thank you for reading, Xx, Sami

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